Welcome to Techo Stationery! Where you can find the best stationery supplies for your bullet journal.

I am Gabriela Nawa, the owner of this online store.

When I saw pictures on Instagram of bullet journals, I thought it was a cute way to help me get organized and more productive, I got an old file ring, bought some loose leafs and started “bullet journaling” or so I thought.

After a few weeks of different weekly spreads designs and tons of videos on YouTube I got the feeling of failure… even with my own design I still can not fill the pages, still so many blank spaces, I could have done something that day but I didn’t even plan the day before, started stressing myself for not commiting with the plan.

Then I finally found the bullet journal video from Ryder Carrol, and got the first two chapters… It was mind blowing! And then I got my journal, took off all of the already designed pages and did what he suggests , a future log, a monthly log and done! Then the daily log was what you needed to clean your mind.

The thing is, we always see something we think it is cute and do it just for fun or because everybody is doing it, but I think it is very common, that we do not look for the real purpose, or meaning of it. When we do, we have more clarity of what we want and what we need to achieve that.

What I really want is to help spread this idea that I trully believe in, and all the benefits it can bring to everybody.